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Principle of operation
The principle of operation includes three circulation:
First、refrigerant circulates in the coils, from the superheated high-pressure steam to the low temperature high-pressure saturated liquid after radiation.
Second、evaporation of external spray water removes heat.
Third, ventilation system exhausts the heat from the equipment at last;


High temperature and pressure of superheated refrigerant gas ,goes through the heat exchange coil, disperses the heat to the external air and spray water, is cooled to room temperature and high pressure saturated condensing refrigerant liquid, then discharged from the export of the lower part of the coil;
The special low head and high flow pump out of the equipment pumps spray water from the sump onto the up water distribution system, spray water to the out surface of the coil, to ensure full coverage, enhance heat transfer, and reduce the possibility of forming scale ;
The outside fresh cold air goes into the device from the lower part of the equipment ,through the coil surface, evaporates a little part of the spray water. As the latent heat of vaporization of water is very large, can effectively exchange the heat inside the coil outside, and ultimately discharge the hot and humid air out of the device from the fan.

Efficient heat exchange coil
For the heat transfer is concerned, the first need is enough heat transfer area, with sufficient heat transfer area, it will be a fundamental guarantee for the effect of heat transfer; heat exchanger coil is made of high quality low carbon steel, hot dip through the whole zinc processing, three rigorous testing pressure is 2.5Mpa through the production process.
Tubes using oval tube, both ends are bended directly by the tubes, reducing the possibility of leakage caused by welding elbow. Heat exchanger coil group with snake-like tube design, moderate slope along the flow direction, in order to facilitate coil water.

High-quality energy-efficient fan and duct
The TZC evaporative condenser’s cooling fan use the wing-type hollow dedicated and efficient axial special for cooling tower fan which is made of aluminum alloy by whole stretching, fan angle can be adjusted depending on the device line. After overall dynamic balance and static balance of high-strength test, the fan is no longer disassemble ,and before assembled to the cooling tower, again checking the static balance, to ensure reliable performance, blades are made of hollow aluminum alloy material, the central hub is made of high-strength steel, to ensure the fan’s sufficient strength when rotating with high speed. Streamlined wing blades, to ensure adequate air flow and air pressure at the same time, reducing fan noise. Venturi tube using duct design, effectively improve the efficiency of the fan more than 5%, made of galvanized steel, the full use of the gas flow duct averaging theory, practical experience with engineering design and measured data, the use of inner curve elliptic curve, and the use of line compared to the natural diffusion hairdryer, remove the air duct off the wall phenomenon, reducing the eddy current region, the central duct significantly reduced negative pressure area, the outlet cross-section of wind speed distribution tends to have , the practical application of testing, the duct is greater than 30% of the kinetic energy recovery.
Axial fan is installed on top of cooling towers. Fan bracket is fixed on the cooling tower frame, making it one solid structure, and is conducive to the future demolition, replacement, repair and maintenance.

Outdoor totally enclosed motors used (including fan and pump motors), protection class of IP55, class ”F” insulation Oil-free maintenance, high reliability, trouble-free operation for a long time.
Fan drive
Variable speed belt drive used, drive efficiency up to 99%, driven by stable performance and high reliability. Compared to the direct drive and gear-driven blower, it makes lower noise, needs lower costs and easier maintenance. Through adjustable motor frame, easy to adjust the belt tension, extend belt life.

NTN Heavy Duty Self-aligning ball bearings, are imported from Japan, high strength,excellent workmanship ,long life. Bearing oil hole extending through the fuel line, is arranged out of the equipment, even if the device is running, also easy to refuel.

Multi-groove neoprene polyester lines efficient joined belt, are imported from Israel, even by force, long life, good synchronism, easy to adjust. Belt tension adjustment does not require going into the device.

The aluminum alloy pulleys are used in the hot and humid environment within the device, which effectively improve the corrosion resistance.

Due to the special requirements of evaporative condenser, TZC series use special low head, high flow high efficiency pumps, in a large spray of water to ensure adequate case and still maintain a smaller power consumption, which greatly improved the equipment energy-saving effect. Pump motor for outdoor design, protection class IP55.Pump use Bergman mechanical seal, wear resistance, long life. Pump’s lowest point settings drain plugs, drain off easily to prevent the volute from cracking by the stocked water in the winter.

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